In a recent report on today’s global media, it’s been reported that
there are approximately 386 billion emails, 79 billion texts and 100 million articles being sent out each and every day.


To smartphones, via the web, email and in every digital, print or
virtual manner imaginable

That’s a lot of words.

Fact remains, a fraction of that is of interest to you or your clients.

But, what is important to you and yours is vital - to you.

Michael Macari and team are dynamic, business-savvy storytellers.

Awarded over forty national awards for writing and production over the
past twenty-five years, we bring style, originality, and accuracy, as well as personality and relevance to everything we write.


We’re expert content producers who research and craft memorable pieces for public relations efforts, publication, news feeds, communications, marketing, memoires and millions -
wherever in the world words are the tool.

As writers, we support:

  • PR firms,

  • Magazines,

  • Newspapers,

  • Web sites,

  • Periodicals,

  • Channels,

  • Corporations,

  • Marketing Advertising

  • FIrms.

We write:

  • Scripts

  • Feature Stories for publication 

  • Web site content

  • Blogs 

  • Newsletters

  • Presentations

  • Corporate materials

  • And more

In writing, we also:

  • Edit,

  • Conceptualize,

  • Lead teams and creative efforts

  • Manage projects 

  • Liaison with other design teams

  • Ensure consistency in messaging

And we’ll help you differentiate your content from the billions of lesser bits cluttering up our world today.